Venice Airport Expansion

Venice, Italy 2011 | estimated completion date: 2025

This master plan concept design integrates the airport’s existing terminal with a new terminal, as well as transportation interchange, high-speed train station, metro station, monorail, office buildings, parking structures, roadways, bus station, and links to the water taxi port using the urban concept of “canyons” and a new transportation interchange “spine.” The spine provides a direct pedestrian connection from the airport to the train station and is inspired in part by Italy’s many spectacular gallerias such as the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. The scheme focuses on smart long term planning, sustainability, passenger experience, and architectural character. It proposes to use local materials, particularly the wood, and construction knowledge, and references the intricate ornamental facades of Venice as exemplified by the Ca’ d’Oro.

Collaboration with ARUP Milan