Perspective view of central courtyard from roof terrace

Open House

Beirut, Lebanon 2010 | Beirut House of Culture Competition

The proposal aims to provide a new kind of cultural experience by mixing spaces for the production of art and culture with spaces for display and performance. Five stacked rings create the building volume and within this envelope, a continuous spiraling promenade allows visitors to walk from the sidewalk up through the entire project coming into contact with artist studios, performance spaces, and spaces for the display and archiving of art. The line between artist and audience becomes blurred creating a more intimate dialogue between the two. The interplay between the five rings also creates opportunities for light and air to enter the building, as well as terraces with spectacular views of the city. The perforated concrete façade is designed as a brise-soleil to filter out excess sunlight and is borrowed from the vernacular architecture of the region.

[Collaboration with MOBIL Arquitectos and Adam Ganser]