Helsinki, Finland 2014 | Guggenheim Helsinki Competition

Set against the verdant Tähtitorninvuori park, the Guggenheim Helsinki Museum is shaped by the currents of the Gulf of Finland. The building suggests an archipelago of snow drifts formed by the wind. Clad in Finnish timber, the pavilions are tied together with a net of glass and steel that covers a central gathering space to create an inviting cultural zone at the heart of the museum. Undercuts in the timber forms create spaces for immersive arts experiences and engaging public programs. Finally, the project achieves zero net energy consumption by using a wide variety of environmental strategies including but not limited to a highly insulated building shell, integrated facade ventilation louvers, solar panels, earth-duct, and green roof. With this design, we aim to create a building both honors the Guggenheim creative legacy and integrates environmental strategies of the future.

[Collaboration with Weetu, Reed Finlay, and Labro & Davis]